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Live at the San Diego Comic-Con: FOX's 'Bones'

Friday, July 21, 2006

By Brian Ford Sullivan

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3:00 pm: Things are running a little behind. My prediction: lots of girls will scream when David Boreanaz takes the stage.

3:12 pm: We're treated to a handful of scenes from the show. I'm not a regular viewer but I'm assuming these are all from last season - Booth leads a SWAT raid to rescue a young boy, Booth teases Brennan that she missed him, guest star Adam Baldwin holds Brennan hostage only to be rescued by Booth, Hodgins and Addy feed a frozen pig into a wood chipper and Booth gives a speech to Brennan about why he's nice to her. It's followed by a brief gag real - during which David does a lengthy impersonation of Christoper Walken.

3:21 pm: Creator Hart Hanson walks in mid-intro - a decision David will mock shortly as he enters.

3:22 pm: Girls scream.

3:23 pm: More girls screaming.

3:25 pm: TV Guide's Lisa Chambers returns to chat up the pair. She asks about the additions of Tamara Taylor and Jessica Capshaw to the show this season. Taylor, who will play the new boss of the Jeffersonian, was brought on because "last season we were often referring to what a pathologist would do, so it made sense to bring in a pathologist," says Hanson, adding that she and Booth will have a history, ratcheting up the tension between him and Brennan. Capshaw then will play the mother of Booth's child. "She kicks my ass," says David, "she barges into my office and says 'Seeley, you son of a bitch, What are you doing with my child?'"

3:28 pm: Hart on the finale's revelations about Brennan's family: "It's going to be resolved slowly and with a great deal of pain. It's our overreaching arc. It just keeps accumulating layers. In fact it's great to take this character of Temperance Brennan, who seems to have this very simple, rational frame of mind... and slowly peel back secret after secret in her personal life."

3:30 pm: Hart on when/if Brennan and Booth will finally get together: "Not for as long as we can put it off without looking ridiculous."

3:33 pm: David on how the Brennan/Booth relationship makes "Bones" special: "It distinguishes it between normal procedurals out there. For us it's your average straight procedural but maintains at the same time a character drama."

3:34 pm: David says that the cast spends each Saturday together working with an acting coach.

3:37 pm: David on his working relationship with Emily Deschanel: "She's so vulnerable and so honest and so caring that that helps when you're working, especially on a series, because there are such long hours... it just makes your job so much easier."

3:44 pm: Questions start coming from the floor. A fearful fan says she won't ask about "Buffy" or "Angel." David assures her all questions are okay.

3:49 pm: Only at Comic-Con: a fan asks what David's favorite beer is. "Anything cold," he responds, adding he has his own Guinness tap at his house.

3:55 pm: A fan boldly asks who David prefers: Emily or Sarah Michelle Gellar. David is speechless. I'll spare you the tap dancing: "Both."

3:57 pm: Hey, a DVD question! Hart says the first season will be out in November with commentaries by David, Hart, Barry Josephson, Greg Yaitanes and several others.

4:00 pm: That's all for Friday, I'll be back tomorrow with more!