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1st August 2006

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'contains spoilers!'

Looks like romantic tensions on BONES will be heating up even more this season between the characters of Temperance Brennan [Emily Deschanel] and Special Agent Steely Booth [David Boreanaz]. iF got the chance to talk to Boreanaz at the TCAS last week and he gave us a big scoop as to what to expect from the new season of the hit crime drama.

According to Boreanaz the romatic tension will be a central theme for his character as he is surrounded by women from his past, and the one woman he really wants to be with.

“First and foremost the relationship is going to continue between her [Deschanel] and I, it’s only going to get better from where we left off," he says. "I think the way Hart [Hanson] left the show with the mafia being introduced and not knowing where her [Temperance’s] parents are; and Booth finding himself surrounded by (as far as his personal life is concerned) the women in his life coming back."

A new cast member will also be joining the series according to Boreanaz.

"There is a girl named Camille who Tamara Taylor plays and she is head of forensics at the Jeffersonian, and they [her and Booth] have a past," he adds. "She comes from the wrong side of the tracks as well.”

The new head of Forensics isn’t the only specter of the past that returns to haunt Booth next season, the mother of his child returns also too.

“The mother of my child, Parker comes back as well," says Boreanaz. "So we kind of revolve around that and touch on that. The whole time my relationship with [Temperance] Brennan explodes and gets better and better.”

Of course all of this leads Boreanaz to surmise the direction this might take his character.

“We see Booth towards the middle of the season might be heading towards a nervous breakdown and have to be on the couch for a couple of episodes," he adds.