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Episode Name: "The Titan on the Tracks"
Episode Number: 2.01
Source: www.searchingbones.com
Air Date: August 30, 2006

The scene opens to Bones and Booth chatting in a car as they race down with the sirens on. They are talking about Bones’ vacation, if you can call it that, with her brother Russ. She spent her vacation with him, getting to know him and trying to push the investigation to find their father.

Bones and Booth arrive on the scene of a horrible disaster. Camille is introduced very early, and there seems to be an instant "who is that, what’s with the weird tension" kind of look.

"Why are you here Dr. Brennan?" Camille asks, "Because I’m not a coroner, and I don’t work here" says Temperance… "Got that half right"

Bones broke the news that Camille is Bones’ new boss, and she asks why she didn’t get it - people skills, evidentally. She had met that same firefighter four times and didn’t know his name.

Meanwhile we’re looking at a very gory scene of very charred human remains and some major chaos around the scene of the train vs. car crash. And now we hear that there was a senator (Paula Davis) included in fatalities.

"They have a past" - Cam and Booth - observed by Angela. By how she touches him and they way they talk.

The entire Jeffersonian team is on this one. High profile.

Warren Lynch (the inside trading guy) is identified as being the guy in the car that was hit by the train. Complications. Did Warren Lynch kill Senator Davis? Ah, no. Senator Davis was dead several hours before the train hit him…

Cam has a little pep talk, if you can call it that, about the case. That this needs to be a hush hush investigation - no press. And of course we can take the subtle "I am the boss, I make the decisions" tone of her voice and the "everything must go through me" statement.

Cam calls Zack "Zackeroni", and he explains to Bones why… Ew, Zack has macaroni and cheese every day for lunch. Gross. But subtext - Cam knows the Jeffersonian team better than Brennan does, already. Hodgins is apparently Hodgepodge.

Hodgins gives Bones a pep talk about why she should be happy not to be in lead of the Jeffersonian. Cam walks in on the "what are her qualifications" line and fills in. Hodgins is clearly uncomfortable. Blabs about the case on Bones’ parents that ended our last episode.

Bones and Booth are now at a little meeting with the prosecution team for the Senator’s death/murder. Trying to figure out if he was murdered and if so, how. The assumption now was that he has been murdered by whomever put the car on the tracks. Warren Lynch is tentatively identified as the body in the car - his jewelry, his car, him caught on tape in the car. Clincher - he was dead for 6 hours before that car was hit.

Lynchpin International, Warren’s company, is identified as an insider trader. His murder and insider trading scam could end up in a huge stock reprocussion when it goes public.

"Accidentally on purpose" - the motto on his jewelry. His motto was not about playing by the rules.

They are now interviewing his wife, although they were separating because Warren was cheating… a lot. Brianna, the wife, had a PI look into Warren’s activities, and he was not so squeaky clean in his business practices. This is an intense episode.

Back to the Jeffersonian. Looking at the evidence. And Angela and Brennan are talking about why she didn’t get the job. Brennan is a little peeved that she wasn’t picked, that someone was appointed while she was away, and that her boss, Dr. Goodman, took a 2-month sabbatical and is conveniently not there to account for his decision.

Angela thinks that she is too task-oriented. Doesn’t clue in on things like birthdays or such things about her friends/co-workers that would make her an observant boss.

They are looking at the bones - lots of bone mass loss. Apparently Warren Lynch was a herione addict!

Booth and Brennan meet with the PI at a diner. He’s holding up to the privacy of his client… dead or not. But our lovely Booth tries to coherce him by accusing him of being the heroine dealer for Lynch… just a little insider info to get him to talk. It works. The PI was working both sides - Warren had hired him to pay off a blackmailer. The PI assumed it was an old girlfriend, but now it’s more likely to be heroine-related. The PI paid off the blackmailer 3 days ago and was unable to trace the call.

Cam did the head/skull exam and impresses Bones with her skills in identifying the origin of the heroine and that it has an additive that causes overdoses - but in a subtle way, Bones was grilling Cam for her knowledge and qualifications, just as if she would an intern. As if trying to decide if Cam gets her backing or not.

Now this is cool. Hodgins, Zack and Bones are watching a fire burn. It’s a SPAM-built body tested for burning time based on a full tank of gas. Apparently there had to have been extra accelerant to burn the body at the rate it was found.

Cam walks in. Cam gets absolutely and totally pissed that this experiment was conducted without her authorization. Bones likes her employees to work independently, but Cam wants it all to go through her. Totally bent out of shape. And now everyone is totally pissed and this whole chain of authority thing is really out of control.

Bones and Booth argue about whether or not this is a good practice - this approval of experiments. Bones points out the need for scientific discovery and innovation. Booth points out that the end goal is successful prosecution, and unauthorized, or risky or ‘unscientific’ stuff can be hard to hold up in court. It may find the truth, but it may not meet the goal - "Cam knows that too much truth is as bad as too little"

Booth gets the call that Vince McVicar was killed - the murderer of Bones’ mother. She is on the verge of tears because she was hoping he’d lead her to the truth, and to her father.

Angela doing her thing. Reproducing the face. It’s not Warren Lynch’s face, so likely that’s not his body.

Dental records were proven to be fake and that the body was not Warren Lynch’s. Cam is accused of making mistakes, but defends Brennan for uncovering a fraud. Ok, I give her props for sticking up for her team.

Booth and Bones are sitting in an alleyway looking for the heroine dealer who dealt that specific heroine the the body in the car. Want to find him dealing to arrest him. Meanwhile they do their lovely bickering.

Booth asks if Bones had been to her mother’s grave. She says no. That she is dead, so why bother. Bones asks what he does at gravesites. Does he talk to the gravestone? Booth says yes, but what he’s really doing is remembering.

Drug deal caught. W00t. Bones has his neck because the dealer was trying to swallow the evidence. Dealer name is Eddie. Booth threatens to make him eat the heroine without the baggie if he doesn’t answer their questions. He spills. The guy’s [the body in the car] name is Ray.

Phone ring. Warren Lynch is found. He was identified as being a patient in a hospital. Very injured. In a coma. Severe brain damage. He may be extremely rich, but that makes no difference to getting better.

Angela had a recreation done of how the shoulder and elbow were broken. Looks like it was done after the guy was dead, and done in a hurry. They also did a bit more analysis on the video - have the PI’s face reflected in the vehicle with Lynch before he ‘fell off the radar’. Angela and Zack are worried these count as "experiments." Booth asks Angela to stop telling Bones about his past love life. Oooh, he’s in trouble.

Booth asks why Cam took the job. Because it’s herding cats, not working with dogs. Cats being the squints. Cam is a strong woman and likes to work with strong folk. Cam says she took the job because she wanted the better equipment - not being the cheif coroner in a bad lab, but someone working in a decked out lab. Did she take the job for Booth? No. Or so she says. This is the start of Booth’s confusion - two women in his life.

Booth asks to take Bones for the afternoon about her parents’ murder. Cam shoots back about Bones’ book being dedicated to Booth. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

Oooh, this is good. Cam asks Booth why Bones hasn’t confronted her yet. She would expect that given the situation and the escalating rules. Booth makes a great analogy. He asks Cam if she had noticed how Temperance stares at the remains of a body, trying to uncover the truth and then he says, "You’re human remains, and she hasn’t made a decision yet." Brennan has not found out the ‘truth’ of Cam - if she is a good person, bad, or what her motives are. So Cam asks how can she help make her decision. Booth replies to simply "take care of her people." - Brennan may not notice the little things, but she has in her heart a love for her team.

Booth and Bones are at the prison talking to the guy who killed McVicar. The guy says to "look at the murder as a second message from Max, one he didn’t use a phone for." Max is Brennan’s father. First he told Bones to stop looking for him on her phone machine. Now he hires that his wife’s killer be murdered? So Brennan is totally confused about whether or not her dad is a good man. She still wants to find him. Booth says there are still clues - that they need to only find how Max contacted the guy in prison.

Bones back at her office looking at pictures of her and Russ as kids and at the dolphin belt-buckle her mother had on when she died. And she has an epiphany. 

Warren Lynch was in on it. He had his own dolphin. The ring. All the other jewelry was placed on the dead man, but not his NCAA ring. Why? Because Lynch was in on it. They confront the PI as being the guy who orchestrated it all. The PI is being strong, not breaking down. Brennan asks him to do the "lying thing" and get the PI to break down - to show other evidence. The bones. Anything. Just not to let the PI go. To do anything. "Right there, that’s why you didn’t get the job" (referring to breaking the law, going for the truth no matter what)

The PI asks what Lynch said. Brennan does the lying thing. Says it was difficult to get the jacket on the corpse. Talks about the sickening sounds of bones popping. And the PI looks away. He’s heard those sounds. Bingo.

So the PI is willing to admit to placing the corpse on the tracks to the prosecutor. But blames a lot on Lynch, which does not help since he’s in a coma. The prosecutor is just about to go for a plea bargain for 10 years, because she doesn’t like the actions of the team… the SPAM, not spotting the fraud. And Cam drills her like a great woman! Oooh, I like her. She sticks up for the team, their work, and their credentials, and tells the prosecutor to F*** herself, basically, but in a polite way. To come to her in private if she has issues on the team.

And light bulb. Brennan gets why Camille got the job :)

Brennan at her mom’s grave, Christine Brennan on the marker, with Booth there to give her some helping hands. She starts talking to the grave, although she can’t believe she’s doing it. She wants to ask questions, but is hesitant. She does…

"Is dad a good man or a bad man? He had someone killed. Had him murdered. And what’s the truth… Do I keep looking or do I let it go like he asked? Who is he protecting? Hemself? Or me? And Russ?"

Then turns to Booth… "Booth, I asked the questions, and I didn’t get an answer" He says sometimes it takes time. And points out something I just pointed out - that the name on the gravestone is Christine Brennan, the alias, not his mother’s real name, Ruth Keenan. That says something about Tempe and how she feels about her mother.

And there ya go. Brennan founds a miniature dolphin on the headstone. A dolphin. Her mother’s favorite. What does that say? That Max loves his wife, misses her, and came here to mourn her loss.

Tempe picks it up and puts it in an evidence bag. Booth takes it from the baggie and Brennan says he’s taining evidence. He retorts that it’s not that kind of evidence. That it’s evidence of a different sort. Has different meaning. It’s more or less evidence of Brennan’s father’s love for his wife and perhaps his good character. It gives Brennan hope.

The episode closes with Brennan dreamily looking at the dolphin. "It’s beautiful", she says.



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